Who We Are

Business Alerts

Business Alerts is a division of Sangranet Technologies which is dedicated to the development of Desktop Alerts and Mobile Alerts Software Solutions.

We at Business Alerts, are engaged in the development and operations of the Desktop Alert and Mobile Alert Systems since 2003. During all these years, we have improved the reliability and scalability of alert systems while adding more and more value added features. Our Alerts softwares are currently being used by customers all over the world and we are continuously adding more features as requested by our users..

Deepika , Director, Sales and Service

Our History

Our version of Desktop Alerts v.1 for windows published at Business-Alerts.com.
Desktop Alerts v.2 released which was upgraded up to v.3
Major revamp of program with new website AlertsDesktop.com and new v.4. of Alerts Software. Email and SMS Alerts were included in offerings.
New version 5 launched along with new website, advanced api and new functionality.

Why Choose Us


Ability to customize and suit the alerts for any scenario.

We have helped so many businesses to deploy our alert system in so many different scenarios that we feel confident that we are able to find out solution for even the most challenging scenarios.

Personalized Support you can rely upon.

Instead of encountering different support personnel all the time who have least knowledge of your account, our technical and sales leads who actually run the systems speak directly to you and answer the queries.

All types of Alerts under one roof

Our alerts software allows you to send all type of alerts like Desktop , Email, SMS, Android, iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Automated programs and many more targets from Single Point of Source.

Work Team



Sales and Support



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Technical Operations



Product Manager


Our website provides option trading information to hundreds of members throughout the world. Our trade alerts move hundreds of thousands of dollars in an instant based on members execution of our information. As our membership grew so did our issues with communication. Our alerts, updates, and information were getting tied up, delayed, and in some instances, not even received. Not only did we need instant delivery of our alerts but also multiple methods for communication. We were hearing from frustrated members on a daily basis and having no luck with our search of a resolution although trying many different avenues.

Our search led us to various companies that could provide us the text, email, and desktop support that we needed. However, each had a very different method and pricing schedule and most did not have all of the capabilities that we needed. Based on this they promised to "modify" their approach for our needs, but of course for an extra expense to us.

Luckily we came across Business Alerts just in the nick of time. We cannot express how thankful we are to have found them. It was as if their service was built custom for what we needed. Deepika was very supportive and responsive with all of our needs and issues from origination, to integration, and completion of our system set up. Using BA has improved our service to exactly what we needed and our members have provided wonderful feedback and approval with the new system


Thank you very much for your time, effort, and support to all of our needs and questions during this critical time..

Jason Veinot


We have nothing but praise for Deepika and the whole team. Our project requirements went far beyond their standard model, they were able to accommodate all of our requests and respond quickly to any learning curve issues we had for the duration of the project. An excellent team to do business with, and highly recommended.

James Sylvian

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