Desktop Notification Alert Software for Dedicated Server

This solution is intended for those webmasters and sysadmins who want the full alert software on their own servers.

Advantages of this solution are

  • Full and Exclusive Control over server and its data
  • Life time perpetual Licence to use program
  • No Usage Charges
  • More customization options can be exercised

Points to Note:

  • Sysadmin is needed to install and maintain server
  • Any updates are not automatically applied
  • In case of change of server / domain, new license is needed

Pre-requisites for Dedicated Alert Solution

  • PHP 5 or above
  • MySQL Server 5 or above
  • Any web server like Apache , IIS etc.
  • Cron Jobs / Scheduled Tasks access

Alert Solution for Dedicated Server Videos

Alert Solution for Windows Dedicated Server Video

Windows Server

Alert Solution for Linux Dedicated Server Video

Linux Server